#LearningNeverStops – One year ago

We hope this email finds you well and you are safe with your family, friends and teachers!

So many things have happened since your participation in the UNESCO campaign #LearningNeverStops and we remember your positive testimony of solidarity and hope.

 Today, a year after the great majority of the world’s schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  we would like to hear from you again and learn from your experience, challenges you faced and solutions that helped to overcome the unprecedented circumstances.

We hope you would agree to record a new video message to be shared on UNESCO’s website and social media channels.


Here is what you need to do in order to join:

  1. Answer these questions:

How do you cope one year after the pandemic started?
Do you continue to learn online, or have you been back to school?
Have you seen your classmates or teachers in person since the pandemic began?
What has been the best and/or worst part of not being at school?
What do you want to say to the people who are watching this video?

  1. Prepare for a video recording

Write your script to keep your message on time (the video should not be longer than max 1.5 minute)
Rehearse before recording to make sure that your message is loud and clear

  1. Ready to go

Format:  MP4
Duration: 1.5 minute maximum
‘Be in center of your camera frame
No logo or advertisement
No background noises
Language: English, French or Spanish

We hope you will join us and look very much forward to hearing from you.
Please send your video and the completed Consent form attached to your National Coordinator.
Warm regards and stay safe!
ENG Permission FORM – Photo & Video – If the person photographed is a minor